Why Home Mole Removal Remedies are a Bad Idea

Like many people, you may have one or more moles that you’d like to eliminate. According to the National Cancer Institute, most adults have anywhere between 10-40 moles across their bodies. Moles can develop just about anywhere, but they tend to be more common in areas exposed to the sun, which makes them especially visible for all the world to see. 

Home mole removal remedies can be tempting because they seem like the quickest and easiest solution, but there are a number of potential risks and side effects to consider before acting as your own dermatologist. At Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group we screen your moles for signs of melanoma and offer safe, effective mole removal options from our office in Tracy, California.

The Risks of Using Home Mole Removal Remedies

First things first: If you’re aware of and keeping track of your moles, especially if you notice any changes to the size, shape, or color, keep it up! The American Cancer Society recommends regular self-checks to look for abnormalities that could be a sign of skin cancer, as well as regular mole checks and skin cancer screenings by a dermatologist. You can still have a mole removed even if it’s healthy, but attempting to do it yourself can be risky. 

Some of the most common at-home mole removal solutions to avoid include:

Some of these options may sound wacky or downright crazy, but the possible side effects can have serious consequences.

You might end up with a burn or scar in the place of the mole

Would you rather live with the mole or with a scar instead? Home treatments claim that once the scab falls off the mole will magically disappear, but what they don’t mention is that you may be left with a burn mark, scar, or skin discoloration in its place.

The treatment might not work

There are never any guarantees with home remedies and over-the-counter treatments, so you’re better off saving yourself time, money, frustration, and disappointment by getting your moles removed by a professional. 

You can get an infection

Even if you’re extremely careful and use a clean razor, you run the risk of developing an infection (as well as a nasty scar). At Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group our dermatologists Florence Wandisan-Rosete, MD, and Rollie D. Rosete, MD, offer safe and professional treatments to remove your moles with minimal scarring or risk of side effects.

Some moles may be a sign of skin cancer

Most moles turn out to be benign, but you have no way of knowing for sure without an exam. Like other forms of cancer, melanoma is most treatable when caught early, so you don’t want to take any chances. 

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your skin or your health. For more information about skin cancer screening and safe mole removal, contact Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group today by calling 209-226-4308, or request an appointment online.

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