Unsightly Facial Veins Have Met their Match

When tiny, red spider veins become visible through the skin of your face, it’s goodbye to a smooth complexion. Rather than offering up a rosy glow, these fine thread veins give skin a blotchy appearance. There’s no single reason why they appear, but chances are the biggest problem is cosmetic rather than medical.

Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group offers treatment options that restore an even tone to your facial skin. Facial veins are no match for light-based treatments including Cynosure®’s Icon™ laser platform, a versatile, industry-leading aesthetic powerhouse. 

Why do facial veins appear?

Fine webs of blood vessels on your face can appear anywhere, but they’re most often found on the cheeks, chin, and nose. A common skin condition called rosacea frequently features red blood vessels as well as an uneven skin tone and sometimes pus-filled bumps, making the condition resemble acne.

A mini version of varicose veins called spider veins can sometimes present on your face. Sun exposure can also damage these shallow blood vessels, and simply getting older may be enough to start the process. Injury, pregnancy, hormone surges, and medical conditions could contribute as well. Though the problems are visible, there’s rarely a need to worry if facial veins are your only symptom, though you may want them removed for cosmetic reasons.

The Icon laser system

For fast, noninvasive treatment of facial veins, few therapies match those of contemporary cosmetic lasers. The Icon system offers both laser and intense pulsed light options, as well as the Skintel™ melanin reader that helps tune treatment to your skin type, providing the most effective results in the fewest treatments.

As well as facial veins, the Icon system offers:

How laser treatments work

The secret behind the Icon system is the transfer of energy between the light beams generated by Icon and the tissues that absorb the tuned light energy. Amazingly, your surface skin absorbs little of this energy. Instead, the collagen layer just below absorbs the penetrating energy and warms to the coagulation point. Your body considers this the point of damage for collagen tissue and starts a two-part process.

First, warmed collagen tissue starts flushing out from your body through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Since this is also the layer that’s home to those compromised veins, as the warmed tissue leaves, so do your facial veins.

Next, new collagen tissue replaces the old, bringing fresh stores of moisture and volume. While every patient’s results vary, you could see a significant reduction in the number and intensity of facial veins. Treatments are short, and there’s no downtime. You can immediately return to your normal activities after an Icon treatment.

Scheduling your facial vein treatment now means clear skin in time for summer. Contact Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group in Tracy, California by phone at 209-226-4308 or online to learn more about the capabilities of the Icon system.

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