How Do Appetite Suppressants Work and When Should They Be Used?

Carrying excess weight not only affects your self-confidence, it significantly increases your risk for a wide range of health problems, including:

Unfortunately, losing weight can be hard, especially when you need to shed a significant number of pounds. 

At Wandisan and Rosete Medical Group in Tracy, California, our experienced team offers medical weight-loss programs that provide clinically proven results. By taking a truly personalized approach to your weight-loss needs, we can help you reach your fitness goals comfortably and safely by incorporating prescription appetite suppressants into your program. 

What sets medical weight-loss programs apart

Medical weight-loss programs focus on using scientific evidence for weight management. At our practice, we tailor each of our plans to your individual needs -- whether you have 20 pounds to lose or 200 -- so you can reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Our medical weight-loss programs incorporate three primary components:

Throughout your weight-loss program, we also track your metabolism, body composition, and overall health to measure your progress every step of the way. 

How appetite suppressants work

Appetite suppressants play an essential role in our medical weight-loss program because they can help control the amount of food you eat and keep you comfortable throughout the entire process. One of the most popular prescription medications for appetite suppression is FDA-approved phentermine. 

Phentermine is a specific form of diet drug that might increase the level of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in your brain. These neurotransmitters carry, boost, or transmit signals throughout the cells in your body. By increasing the level of these neurotransmitters, phentermine reduces your appetite and helps you feel fuller longer.

When used as part of a supervised weight-loss program, phentermine can help you lose an average of 5% of your starting body weight. This percentage can reach 10% if it’s part of your weight-loss program lasting at least 12 weeks.

When to use appetite suppressants

While appetite suppressants are valuable tools for successful weight loss, we only recommend using them as part of a medical weight-loss program. Because we personalize your weight-loss program to your individual needs, we might include appetite suppressants if you have:

It’s also important to note that an appetite suppressant alone won’t help you lose weight and keep it off. As part of your personalized program, we work closely with you to help you follow a specific diet throughout your weight-loss journey while also using behavioral counseling to help you adopt healthy habits around eating and exercise.

To see if appetite suppressants can help you reach a healthy weight as part of a medical weight-loss program, call us at Wandisan and Rosete Medical Group or schedule an appointment online today.

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