Help! I Need to Lose Weight

In the first 18 years of the new century, adult obesity in the United States climbed nearly 12 percentage points, reaching 42.4% of the population in 2018. Given the sheer volume of health issues related to extra pounds, it’s not surprising that weight loss is on many people’s minds and at the top of more than a few New Year's resolution lists. 

Weight loss isn’t easy. It takes years to put on the pounds, a bit at a time, and habits formed over decades are hard to break. It’s even harder to lose weight when you go it alone. Though the team at Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group handles a wide range of health problems, medically assisted weight loss is their focus. 

They take a personalized approach that goes beyond diet and exercise, offering you the full support of a medical practice, developing a weight loss plan that’s customized for your body chemistry and lifestyle. 

The problem with fad diets

Fad diets come and go and often display two distinct characteristics. First, many of them produce results in the short term. You often see a loss of water weight in the first week or two. Second, the process then stalls, and bad habits reassert themselves. Most often, you gain back the weight you lost, and more. 

The limits of diet and exercise

Reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity is a solid basis for weight loss, yet it’s often not enough for most people, since the detail and discipline needed for long-term results fades into the noise of a busy life. External demands often push lifestyle modification onto a back burner. 

The medical weight loss approach

Perhaps the greatest advantage of medically assisted weight loss is the introduction of a team-based philosophy. Instead of tackling the problem on your own, or perhaps with a workout partner, you now have access to weight loss professionals, experienced with customizing weight loss plans for a wide range of patients, including those with their own diet or activity limitations. 

As internists, your weight loss team at Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group understands the significant health challenges you’ll face without support and the insights that medical professionals can offer. You’re not on your own when you hit plateaus. 

You also have access to responsibly prescribed medications, such as the appetite suppressant phentermine. Your team monitors your health while using medications to assure you’re responding as expected. 

Vitamin B12 injections are another common feature of medical weight loss programs, to help boost your diet and exercise activities, an extra step you simply can’t take when managing your own program. 

Body composition and metabolism

Fad diets and other weight loss systems don’t take your unique nature into account. A medical weight loss plan from Wandisan-Rosete includes analysis of your body composition and metabolism to further customize weight loss for you. 

Contact Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group by phone at 209-226-4308, or online to arrange a personal weight loss consultation. You’ll add the support you need to make the changes you want.

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