5 Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Carrying around added pounds takes a toll on your body, and leads to increased risk for a range of long-term health complications including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some forms of cancer, any of which could lead to disability or premature death. Yet, even modest amounts of weight loss can reduce these risks while offering an equally wide range of health benefits. 

There’s no secret to effective weight loss, but that doesn’t make the journey an easy one. Consider partnering with the team at Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group to develop a medically supervised weight loss program that’s personalized to fit your life. Effective lifestyle changes take commitment and support, and with those in place, you could see these five health benefits begin in your life. 

 1.  Better sleep

Noticeable health improvements follow weight loss of as little as 5% of your body mass. That’s just 10 lbs. for someone who currently weighs 200 lbs. Studies show that people who achieve weight loss of 5% body mass or more report better and longer sleep at six months after their weight loss. Mood improves also, particularly symptoms of depression, though it’s unclear if this connects to the weight loss or the additional sleep. Either way, it’s a winning combination. You can also reduce the effects of sleep apnea, if that’s a concern for you. 

 2.  Joint pain reduction

Your musculoskeletal system is a biomechanical marvel that’s based on balanced loads. When you carry extra pounds, these can add strain if not evenly distributed. Imagine holding a 10 lb. weight close to your body. It’s not difficult to hold indefinitely for most people. Now, extend your arms straight ahead and notice how much heavier the same weight feels. Your extra body weight places additional strain on joints like ankles, knees, and hips. Losing weight reduces these extra forces, and eases up the load. 

 3.  Reduced blood pressure

The extra weight in fat cells needs support from your body in the form of blood flow. That makes your body work harder to first pump blood out to the tissues, then return it to the heart and lungs for recharging. Dropping pounds often features dropping blood pressure too, relieving the strain on overworked arteries and veins. 

 4.  Improved immune response

Your health is often about resource management on an autonomous biological level. Your brain is constantly making adjustments based on your needs at the moment as well as the resources available through nutrition. Reduce your weight, and there’s less demand. You may see fewer colds, allergies, or other minor illnesses because your immune system gets a boost from these extra resources. 

 5.  Energy gains

It’s not your imagination — you have more energy as the pounds fall away. It comes down to a molecule called ATP, adenosine triphosphate. ATP delivers energy to your cells to help you move. When you’re heavier, you need more ATP to move. Drop the weight, and you have surplus ATP for other activities. 

Combine these short-term benefits with reduced risk of long-term health threats, and you have a winning combination that makes weight loss worth the effort. Contact Wandisan-Rosete Medical Group by phone at 209-226-4308 or online to arrange your personal weight loss consultation today.

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