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Clearing Away Age Spots for a Younger Look

A consequence of time in the sun without adequate protection, age spots are harmless clumps of skin pigment that create uneven skin tone on exposed skin. Cosmetic lasers offer a non-invasive, no downtime method of fading or eliminating those spots.

Mar 11th, 2020
How PicoSure© Is Revolutionizing Tattoo Removal

You don’t have to live with every mistake you’ve made. Treating your unwanted tattoo is one of our many specialties, and we’d love to perfect your skin. Lose the mark, and gain your confidence.

Dec 18th, 2019
Why Home Mole Removal Remedies are a Bad Idea

You may have heard that it's possible to remove unwanted moles from the comfort of your own home. But from wasting money on treatments that don’t work to the risk of burns and scarring, taking a do-it-yourself approach can do more harm than good.

Oct 4th, 2019