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Wandisan and Rosete Medical Group is closely monitoring California Department Public Health and San Joaquin Department of Public Health regarding guidelines and protocols for COVID 19.

We highly advise our patients to please STAY HOME and access the HILL CHART PORTAL to schedule an online appointment for a VIDEO and or an E-Visit. Our VIDEO VISITS are highly recommended if you are having any of the following symptoms such as FEVER, COUGH, SORE THROAT, BODY ACHES. Video visits are also available to our patients for follow-up and medication refills especially if you would like to avoid any PUBLIC EXPOSURE. If you are having these following symptoms: COUGH, SINUS, URINARY TRACT INFECTION, HEADACHE, FATIGUE, DIARRHEA, or RED EYE we recommend you to schedule a VIDEO OR an E-VISIT. IF you have NOT registered for the HILL CHART PORTAL please SIGN UP so that you may be able to have access to these visits. IF you have any questions please contact our office @ (209) 836-4920 or you can email us @

We Care for your HEALTH!!!!

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Wandisan and Rosete Med Group

Wandisan and Rosete Medical Group is a health care practice focusing on general internal medicine and medical weight loss. The medical team in Tracy, California, strives to exceed patients’ expectations with the comprehensive, efficient, and compassionate care they deserve.

The board-certified internal medicine physicians at Wandisan and Rosete Medical Group are dedicated to maintaining and improving the health of all adults. From wellness checkups and disease prevention to the care and management of chronic conditions, the medical team is skilled at matching each patient’s unique needs with the most advanced treatment options and technologies available.

Although fully trained in addressing a wide range of patient concerns, the doctors at Wandisan and Rosete Medical Group specialize in medical weight loss. They believe that obesity is a disease that leads to other chronic conditions, and it cannot be easily fixed with diet pills. The medical team targets the root causes of obesity, working with each patient to devise a comprehensive, exercise-based weight-loss plan.

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BMI Explained

Body mass index, or BMI for short, is a simple calculation that gives clues about potential health risks a patient faces. A high BMI indicates a person is carrying sufficient weight to contribute to problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Are Skin Tags Harmful?

Though skin tags are technically tumors, they’re benign, meaning they aren’t cancer, and they won’t harm you. However, it’s possible to mistake other skin conditions for skin tags, so don’t take any growth for granted.

Self-Care Tips for Diabetes

No matter what type of diabetes you have, you’re a crucial part of the care process. Managing the disease takes a combination of your efforts as well as those of your medical support team. The biggest self-care payoff comes from these areas.


Words from our patients

  • Yelp

    I'm new to Dr. Wandisan's Center for Medical Weight Loss Program. I've been on the program, she's been a positive force & I love seeing her & feeling good about myself.

    Marlene C.
  • Yelp

    Dr Wandisan and Dr Rosete have been treating my family for years. They were so kind & compassionate, & seemed to really care about my issues when I came in to see them.

    Erica R.
  • Yelp

    I love Dr. Wandisan! She is so gentle and kind. She really takes her time listening to you and your concerns.

    Felice A.